Due Diligence

You need to be prepared even if you aren’t in Japan

The recent destruction in Japan, caused by nature and our own technology, is hard to imagine. Even though we might not ever face this kind of catastrophe here, there are lots of other perils that we should be prepared to manage when they occur.

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Private investigators can help protect companies from fraudulent WSIB claims PART 1

Not every claim for WSIB benefits is legitimate. But finding proof often requires the help of experts.

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Daylight savings can be dangerous

Turning the clock ahead can interfere with the ability of people to function at high levels. This can be especially critical at work.

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Due diligence for working alone

In a unique prosecution arising in Alberta, Garda Canada Security Corp. has pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to protect a female worker under the working alone provisions of the Alberta OHSA. Amongst other provisions, the Alberta OHSA requires that employers, at workplaces where workers will be performing work alone, take measures to reduce risks or hazards to workers

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