Does Bill 160 threaten worker safety

The Union representing WSIB employees believes moving responsibility for prevention activities to the Ministry of Labour will endanger workers. They don’t mention that it might imperil jobs of people at WSIB.

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Bill 160 update

Bill passes Second Reading, moves to Committee for further study.

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An honest lawyer

Don’t expect that your lawyer will always say kind things about you in court

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You need to be prepared even if you aren’t in Japan

The recent destruction in Japan, caused by nature and our own technology, is hard to imagine. Even though we might not ever face this kind of catastrophe here, there are lots of other perils that we should be prepared to manage when they occur.

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Private investigators can help protect companies from fraudulent WSIB claims PART 1

Not every claim for WSIB benefits is legitimate. But finding proof often requires the help of experts.

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Appeal Court decides Independent Owner Operator Truck Drivers must be counted for meeting obligation to form JHSC

Independent truckers must now be counted as part of the workforce when considering if there are enough employees to require a JHSC.

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Daylight savings can be dangerous

Turning the clock ahead can interfere with the ability of people to function at high levels. This can be especially critical at work.

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First time WSIAT has ever been overturned by the Divisional Court in Ontario

In Amin v WSIAT (…) the Divisional Court finally reversed the first WSIAT ever. Unfortunately, this case illustrates the tremendous challenges faced by employers especially as they relate to “probationary” employees who are not performing well.

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