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Closing the Gap Between Denial and Reality on April 28

An Emotional Connection is a very powerful motivator.

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WSIB Adjudicator sees the light

Solid evidence really can persuade WSIB to make the right choices, and even overturn their earlier decisions.

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Appeal Court decides Independent Owner Operator Truck Drivers must be counted for meeting obligation to form JHSC

Independent truckers must now be counted as part of the workforce when considering if there are enough employees to require a JHSC.

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WSIB adjudicator refuses to reconsider even with undeniable proof she is wrong

There are many details omitted from this blog, but they all add up to an adjudicator who stubbornly refuses to reconsider a claim – even in the face of undeniable evidence – because she’s already made up her mind. Policy 11-01-02 says she must reconsider, she disagrees.

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Employer in Ontario wins Appeal against Human Rights Tribunal

The Divisional Court found numerous deficiencies in both the “reasons” and “the process” of an HRTO Hearing that found that the employer had been discriminatory in a number of ways. These deficiencies were so significant, that it was “not possible to say that this was a fair hearing, nor that the findings of discrimination were reasonable”. In one instance, the Divisional Court stated that the HRTO’s finding was simply based on a “bald conclusion that is unsupported by any factual findings”.

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First time WSIAT has ever been overturned by the Divisional Court in Ontario

In Amin v WSIAT (…) the Divisional Court finally reversed the first WSIAT ever. Unfortunately, this case illustrates the tremendous challenges faced by employers especially as they relate to “probationary” employees who are not performing well.

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