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Does Bill 160 threaten worker safety

The Union representing WSIB employees believes moving responsibility for prevention activities to the Ministry of Labour will endanger workers. They don’t mention that it might imperil jobs of people at WSIB.

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Bill 160 will change health and safety delivery in Ontario

The government plans to reallocate health and safety matters. WSIB will continue to be responsible for promoting safe workplaces, but they’ll not be involved in the training or certification of safety committees.

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WSIB adjudicator refuses to reconsider even with undeniable proof she is wrong

There are many details omitted from this blog, but they all add up to an adjudicator who stubbornly refuses to reconsider a claim – even in the face of undeniable evidence – because she’s already made up her mind. Policy 11-01-02 says she must reconsider, she disagrees.

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WSIB fails to apply law about CPP benefits

Case Managers routinely admit they don’t consider CPP/QPP entitlement when establishing LOE rates. Further, they don’t even ask and don’t want to know. That is NOT what the legislature intended when it wrote the Law.

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Potential changes to workplace safety In Ontario

In late December, 2010, a 10-person Expert Advisory Panel on Occupational Health And Safety released a wide-ranging report recommending significant changes to the OHS system in Ontario.

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