WSIB and OHS for Employers in Ontario – April 2011

WSIB and OHS for Employers in Ontario – April 2011

The Power of Words in Health and Safety:

How can we obtain better responses to what we say in health and safety? I found this very provocative video on a great blog by Tim Autrey called “”. I am looking forward to checking out his “PEM” Performance Enhancement Matrix. His site looks interesting:”“.

Take a minute to watch it here.

WSIB Eligibility Adjudicator Reverses Entitlement Decision

This is a fantastic success story about a tenacious employer who decided to fight what appeared to be a fraudulent WSIB claim filed by a worker and allowed by the WSIB despite his excellent evidence to the contrary. He was threatened with “non-cooperation and return- to-work obligations” and was told by the EA and her manager that they would not even review the surveillance evidence and telephone records which clearly demonstrated that the worker could not have been “in the course of his employment” at the time of the alleged workplace injury. Then his Account Specialist told him not to waste his money on a lawyer because his company surcharge would be capped due to the the fact that he was in the MAP experience rating system! (helps to explain the $13 billion unfunded liability). Wow.

She did not even consider the fact that a worker would be collecting full LOE benefits for an indefinite period of time and that the employers of Ontario would be paying for those fraudulently obtained benefits. It is truly disappointing that system has become so dysfunctional that the WSIB would not even consider the unequivocal evidence that the employer presented until he hired us to help convince them. With the help of a highly skilled investigations company targeting their efforts at the very crux of the EA’s faulty decision- making and our lengthy submission outlining the law, facts, policy and the inadequate conduct and decision-making of the Board, the decision was reversed. One small MAP employer financed this battle and won both for his own cost statement and for the rest of the employers in the Province.