WSIB and OHS for Employers in Ontario – August 2010

WSIB and OHS for Employers in Ontario – August 2010

OHS Updates

Bill 168

See the links in last month’s newsletter for free training materials for your team. Have you completed your Violence Risk Assessment yet? Violence and Harassment Session with notes.  Workplace Violence and Harassment.

Keep up to date: Ministry of Labour legislation, operations and resources

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Inspection Blitzes Sept 15th – Nov 15th: Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)

The Ministry of Labour is making Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) the focus of their inspection blitzes for the next few months. MSDs account for approximately 43% of all lost time claims and costs. Here is a handy checklist and toolkit from the Occupational Health and Safety Council of Ontario to assist you.

WSIB Updates

LMR Pendulum Swings Again

The LMR program will once again be brought in-house under the new “Work Reintegration Program” starting around August 2011. Certainly, the employer community is a tad skeptical  about these new changes. Its sort of like a sinking ship offering to take on more “water” from another sinking ship. More of the same certainly cannot fix the problem and neither can swinging like a pendulum back and forth every few years. Clearly it is time for major slashing and substantial and meaningful core changes at the WSIB.

What is the “Road to Zero” Paved with?

Unfunded Liability rose again in the first quarter of 2010 to $13,285 billion dollars. Enough said.

New WSIB President

“Former international banker, diplomat and senior Canadian government executive, David Marshall, will be the new President of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)”. He previously held “key federal government positions, including Assistant Auditor General and Deputy Receiver General for Canada. A certified general accountant, he has also held senior roles in the Toronto and New York banking sectors. Most recently, Marshall was Canada’s ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.”

Hopefully, Mr. Marshall has not been overly insulated from the real world of business by virtue of having spent so much time in the coffers of so many government posts?

First Aid CPR Courses – Fall 2010

Have Healthcare Professionals teach and customize your Standard First Aid, CPR or Automated External Defibrilator course to best suit your workers, work environment, and top hazards.

Standard First Aid CPR courses start at $90/person. Includes 3 year Canadian Red Cross Certification. Group rates available. Contact for reservations.

Research Opportunity

Reducing the Duration of Disabilities in the Construction Sector

Workplace injuries in the construction sector which result in lost time from work can have considerable financial repercussions for the employee, the employer, the health care system and the workers’ compensation system. There are two critical factors which appear to prolong the duration of disability in the construction sector. These are 1) a delay in obtaining medical assessments and treatment and 2) the lack of modified duties available in the construction sector.

Modified duties are crucial to minimizing lost time and reducing both the psychological and social impact of workplace injuries. Medical professionals, employers, injured workers and


the WSIB need to develop a readiness for active participation in recovery and for maintaining productivity through modified duties. Many clinical studies have validated the concept that timely medical treatment and return to work facilitates speedier recoveries and return to productivity. The longer the absence from work, the greater a permanent disability may be reinforced and even created.

Charlebois Associates in conjunction with a team of medical professionals and specialists in occupational health and safety are conducting research to obtain funding for a project which addresses both of these needs: 1) Rapid Medical Assessments and Treatment and 2) Modified Duties for the Construction sector.

We are looking for 1) Letters of support from Construction employers and also 2) Construction Employers who may be interested in participating in a pilot for this project. If you are interested please contact Cezanne Charlebois.