WSIB and OHS for Employers in Ontario – November 2010

WSIB and OHS for Employers in Ontario – November 2010

WSIB Update

1. September 30, 2010 NEER Firm Summary Statements are coming in. If you need to launch an Appeal on one of your costly claims, we can help.

2. 4-year NEER Window: The NEER window is being expanded (for now) to a 4-year NEER starting presumably in 2011 and beginning with the Accident Year 2008 (now, that year will stay on your NEER statement for one more year until September 30, 2012, and claims with an Accident Date in 2009 will stay on your NEER until September 30, 2013). Allegedly, the 4-year NEER window is not finalized yet as stakeholders are asked for their input up until February 15, 2011. We strongly urge ALL employers to send Maureen Mullen, Director of Benefits Policy your thoughts on the 4-year NEER.You might want to say “No Thanks” to the 4-Year NEER window.  Or you might suggest that the WSIB should be slashing some costs internally rather than heaping higher premiums and longer periods to pay on employers.

They have already raised premiums (below) and lengthening the NEER window will not improve Return to Work Outcomes, it will only shift more of the costs for a loner period onto employers. We expect however, that the “stakeholder input” is just another ruse. The WSIB will likely increase the NEER window for the next few years until it is a 6-year-NEER.

3. “Modest” Increase in Employer Premiums (2011 and 2012)
Just a few days after his talk in Toronto (see our September 30, 2010 Bulletin for details of his talk), WSIB President David Marshall came through with his promise to increase employer premiums for the next 10 years in order to eliminate the $13 billion dollar unfunded liability. While the premium increase is said to average around 2% that is an average, with some employers getting no increase and many getting as high as 20% Motor Vehicle Fabric Accessories, 17.5% Homes for Nursing Care, 9.0% Masonry, 13.1% Tobacco and Mushroom Farms, 19.5% Poultry Farms and Agricultural and 13.5% for Motor Vehicle Assembly.

4. ‘Interim’ Work Reintegration Policies (the in-house LMR, which really means “in the employers” house LMR) are effective in a few weeks on December 1, 2010. Charlebois Associates will be hosting complimentary information seminars for employers in Windsor, London and Toronto in January 2011. Send us an email if you would like further information on these sessions.