You need to be prepared even if you aren’t in Japan

You need to be prepared even if you aren’t in Japan

It was Friday March 11 and I was sitting at a client’s workplace. The TV was on and tuned to CNN.  News feeds from Japan’s largest earthquake were the main topic and probably will be for for some weeks to come.

It made me realize just how fragile we are as human beings.  I just so happened to be working with my client who mentioned that May 1–7 is “Emergency Preparedness Week”.

Here is some helpful information I found.

Emergency Preparedness Week (EP Week) is an annual event that takes place each year during the first full week of May. This national event is coordinated by Public Safety Canada, in close collaboration with the provinces and territories and partners.

During Emergency Preparedness Week, activities are organized across Canada to raise awareness of the importance of having an emergency kit; making an emergency plan; and identifying risks in the region. These three simple steps can help Canadians prepare for all types of emergencies.

Every Province has specific guidelines to follow. For more information, visit


Emergencies can happen at anytime and occur anywhere, often without warning. An emergency can force you to evacuate your neighbourhood or confine you to your home or workplace. It can leave you without basic services such as water, gas, electricity, or a working telephone. Are you prepared?

Although Ontario has effective emergency management legislation and programs, individuals and families play a vital role in preparing for times of crisis when emergency services and other government resources may be strained. It is important that individuals and families prepare to take care of themselves for at least three days.

Individuals and families are best able to cope when they have taken the time to prepare before an emergency happens. Follow the links below for addition information.

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Mark Wood, CRSP