Consulting & Training

OHSE Consulting and Training Division

Workplace Health & Safety Network integrates our commitment, experience, and expertise into your very specific business needs to provide a broad and flexible range of occupational health and safety and environmental (OHSE) products, services, programs, consulting, and training solutions to ease the burden of compliance challenges.

No matter what safety and health challenges your organization is facing, whether you require one-time only advice or a full range of services, we are ready to work with you to assess your needs, evaluate options, and develop solutions.

We can assist from the start-up efforts in building the basic requirements of a legislatively required OHSE program, or can evaluate and validate existing programs and processes to assist you in determining the best value added, effective, and efficient next steps in moving your program forward.

Our Mission

To provide you with cost effective and comprehensive injury and disability management training and consulting services. It is our mission to help you slash your current compensation costs, while helping you to avoid future injuries, liabilities, and costs. We also provide the essential related services such as return to work assistance, investigation and surveillance services, and OHS legal defence work for orders, fines, and offences.

After the immediate needs are attended to, our mission is to assist you in developing a strong IRS and the right balance of economic systems, thereby helping you to create sustainable OHSE programs which will assist in preventing all types of loss, while ensuring that the moral, social, and financial factors are considered to ease the transition to a culture rather than a process.

To provide tailored strategies and tools to meet your very specific individual organizational requirements through structured approaches with clear deliverables that are pragmatic and, most importantly, easily sustainable.