The Team

Cézanne Charlebois

Management-Side WSIB Law and Employment Law:
Cézanne Charlebois, M.A., LL.B / Vice President ­­­­- Managing Director /
Certified Specialist, Workplace Safety and Insurance Law

Cézanne is a lawyer who practices almost exclusively in management-side WSIB law. She is the owner of Charlebois Associates which is a firm dedicated exclusively to providing workers’ compensation claims management assistance to employers in Ontario and across Canada. They regularly save their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation costs while helping them manage their employment law risks and reduce their occupational health and safety liabilities. She is a passionate advocate who fights tenaciously for her clients and yet, during the course of her relentless pursuit of achieving her client’s objectives, her professionalism and integrity are never compromised.

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Dr. Ketan Patel

Medical Assessments and Health Care Management:
Dr. Ketan Patel, Physician

Dr. Ketan Patel graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School in 1999. He completed a residency in Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa (1999-2001) as well as the Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Ottawa (2001-2002).

Dr. Patel serves as consulting physician to a large number of referring medical and rehabilitation offices in South Western Ontario. He provides consultations and assistance with management of a wide array of chronic pain and addiction/substance use cases. He performs a number of interventional pain treatments relating to acute and chronic pain such as: Botox Therapeutic; corticosteroid injections; nerve blockades; trigger point injections; I.V. lidocaine infusions; etc. His staff routinely offer/provide complementary medical procedures such as: laser therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractic care. Dr. Patel treats chronic pain with both opioid and non-opioid pharmacotherapy and engages a holistic model of health for those interested in a drug-free recovery model. He has received his exemptions from Health Canada for the provision of methadone in the treatment of chronic pain and opioid dependency. Dr. Patel and the Integrated Circle of Care injury centres are currently setting up regional chronic pain/injury treatment centers throughout southwestern Ontario.

As a medical assessor, Dr. Patel routinely conducts Independent Examinations for occupational, medico-legal, employer, and insurance purposes. He has also obtained certification in Catastrophic Impairment Rating (using the 4th Edition of the AMA Guides) and assists with long-term disability care planning.

Using the SPICE Model (adapted from Dr. Colledge, et al), Dr. Patel and colleagues have created a simple and reproducible approach to early injury/disability management. This model allows both the employer, employee, and clinician to manage the workplace injury within a set of guiding principles that demonstrably reduces lost days, improves recovery, and can significantly minimise total claim costs.

Dr. Patel routinely offers lectures/seminars to corporate/management staff on a wide-range of topics including: injury management, disability, mental health and wellness, pain, and addiction issues in the workplace.

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Doris Rochefort

Doris Rochefort, Director of OHS/IRS Branding & Visibility

Dividing her time between London and Timmins, Doris is employed with McCabe Promotional Advertising Inc. She works with many Northern Ontario mining and engineering companies. In addition, her promotional marketing portfolio includes manufacturing, the hospitality industry, health care facilities and educational institutions. We recommend using Doris’ to help you brand health and safety and the IRS in your workplace. A critical part of changing health and safety in the workplace and developing the IRS as a core value, is making health and safety visible in the workplace. In combination with training and integrating that training into daily conduct and measureable observable changes in behaviour, we recommend making OHS/IRS visible in the workplace. Get your company on an OHS/IRS visibility campaign today.

Why make OHS/IRS visible in the workplace?

    1. To show uncommon appreciation (for being safe)
    2. Reminders (OHS/IRS goals, objectives)
    3. Warnings / Cautions (signs, posters, magnets)
    4. Benchmark Data / Goals (always reward success and progress)
    5. Information / Instruction
    6. Rewards and Recognition for Safety
    7. Employee Health and Wellness Initiatives
    8. Branding your company as committed to health and safety

Mark S. Wood

Mark S. Wood, Director Consulting & Training

Mark is a leader in the field of Occupational Health and Safety Training and Consulting. As a seasoned professional, he has successfully educated and engaged thousands of organizations using specialized “Adult Learning” techniques that he has been continuously fine-tuning for more than a decade. Mark has that rare gift of being able to blend humour with technical knowledge and practical expertise and adapts it to every workplace, every course, and every seminar.

When it comes to Consulting, whether writing a few company procedures or making recommendations for a major corporate Audit, Mark listens and understands the concerns of the workplace. Mark has earned the reputation as “Professional Occupational Health and Safety Trainer and Consultant” through his knowledge, education, integrity, and success in the field.

Gloria Warren

Gloria Warren, Director Claims Management ­­­­- Paralegal Services

Gloria has enjoyed a 36-year career in the field of workers’ compensation. She spent her first 20 years in this area managing a team of claims adjudicators, claims training specialists, claims field investigators, and receptionist counsellors for the WSIB. For the last 16 years, she has served as a consultant to employers in all aspects of workers’ compensation. In 2008, Gloria was licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a paralegal.

Gloria is without doubt the NEER expert of the team. She does complicated NEER projections which help us to assess the cost benefit of choosing to go forward to appeals or choosing not to, in order to offer our clients ‘bottom-line’ advice. She handles CAD-7 and MAP matters as well. She has helped both large corporations and small businesses with day-to-day workers’ compensations issues, mediations, and early and safe return-to-work plans.

Guy St-Gelais

Guy St-Gelais, CAD-7/NEER Specialist

Located In the heart of Northern Ontario, Guy has 18 years of experience as a health and safety coordinator and manager of the workers compensation claims. He is fluently bilingual and prior to his involvement in safety, he acquired extensive practical experience in Civil construction, sawmill, logging, and trucking businesses.

Guy is a strong advocate for safety and he understands fully the actual cost impact associated to companies regarding workplace injuries and the projected future cost of workplace injury claims. Since 1999 he has been developing and designing a claim impact software to calculate the NEER and CAD 7 experience rating. Thanks to his passion and perseverance, this unique innovative software is now available to anyone involved in claim management.

Guy has carved himself a reputation for excellence in the Health and Safety domain, working with diverse industry/government stakeholders. Thanks to Guy’s enthusiasm for safety, he was recipient of numerous safety awards.

Rick Kowacz

Rick Kowacz, Trainer/Consultant

Rick Kowacz, CRSP has been involved in the field of Occupational Health and Safety for over thirty years.
An active safety trainer and consultant himself, Rick incorporates his years of knowledge and practical experience in both the chemical and automotive industries into the development and delivery of each training and consulting engagement.

In addition, Rick uses his expertise to assist clients in the manufacturing and retail markets as well as municipalities, health care and post secondary education fields with management systems, training and legislation compliance.

Rick can help implement current health and safety regulations (as defined by the Workplace Safety Insurance Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act) and ensure legislative requirements are met.

Rick has been actively involved in his own health and safety training and consulting business along with providing contract work for a number of additional Health and Safety companies in Ontario.

Jordon Charlebois

Jordon Charlebois, First Aid Manager
MD Candidate 2016, B.Sc. (Biology), B.A. (Psychology), B.HSc (Health Science)

Jordon takes the highest quality training available and provides it in a way that is individualized, intuitive, and importantly, fun. With over ten years of training experience across Ontario, Jordon has routinely made significant impacts on how people and organizations approach training.

As a medical student at the University of Western Ontario he delivers training to health care professionals involved in the YMCA’s English Language Transition Program. He also provides several charity courses including an annual course with the University of Windsor Nursing Society and a free pediatric-based course provided to the parents of children being treated in local hospitals.

Working with the Canadian Red Cross for ten years, Jordon has been the go-to trainer for hundreds of businesses in Southwestern Ontario from small community organizations to many of the largest companies operating in Canada. He is no stranger to the manufacturing industry having worked at several factories in Ontario prior to his career as an instructor. He has since taught at dozens of factories and was chosen to help Chrysler Canada bring their in-house instructors up to date.

Jordon has spent several years acting as Training Director for multiple organizations including the University of Windsor’s Emergency Response Team. During this period he and his colleagues were recognized on the international level after winning back-to-back EMS skills competitions against hundreds of other schools at the annual National Collegiate EMS Foundation conference.

Jordon’s courses create a learning environment that favours conversation and group participation over lecture and memorization. He works closely with attendees to cater each class to their unique experience, education, workplace and interests. Attendees often remark that the leave the class so enthused and confident that only later do they realize the great amount of skill and knowledge they have gained.