May 28, 2014

Current Issues in Workplace Safety and Insurance Law

Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 | 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Location: 20 Toronto Street Conferences and Events
                2nd Floor | Toronto, ON | M5C 2B8

Attend one of the OBA’s most unique CLE programs and ensure that you are on top of the latest changes and developments in Workplace Safety and Insurance Law and Policy. This hugely popular annual review of current issues and practical strategies features an expert faculty of leading counsel, and medical expert Dr. Michel Lacerte, who will give you the insights, background and tools you need to provide superior representation for your clients at the WSIB and WSIAT.

You will walk away with:

  • Practical tips for dealing with the new WSIB policies including the proposed Benefits Policies
  • A clear understanding of the medical tests on a neck examination, and assessing pre-existing conditions
  • Expert advice on the law of evidence
  • An explanation of the WSIB’s new approach to adjudicating psychological issues including psychotraumatic disability and chronic pain claims
  • A guide for understanding when workplace violence, disasters and assaults are workplace accidents
  • Strategies for dealing with self-represented parties, vexatious litigants, and vulnerable parties
  • Our annual update on important new WSIAT Decisions

This program sold out weeks in advance last year!

REGISTER NOW to take advantage of this unique opportunity to get up to date on the latest developments in workplace safety and insurance law. We look forward to seeing you there!

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March 26, 2014

Managing & Appealing Complex WSIB Claims

When employers encounter complex, costly and poorly or incorrectly adjudicated claims, it often causes them to give up, accepting the outcome as inevitable. Cézanne will discuss how to persist with these challenging claims (all the way up the Appeals ladder). Attendees will learn about proactive, collaborative & effective Claims Management Tools to assist with moving claims towards successful Return to Work, Appeals, or Work Transition Services, while keeping costs as low as possible.

More Info: Workplace Safety Group | Spring SafeWork Summit

October 30, 2013

Staff Safety in Hospitals

A few years ago, the introduction of Bill 168 by the Provincial Government of Ontario changed everything about workplace violence and harassment. Lawyer Cezanne Charlebois will discuss the impact of Bill 168 on health-care security professionals and the valuable lessons she has learned over the years in preventing workplace violence. She will talk about the duty of security and management to rise above organizational tolerance.

Speaker: Cézanne Charlebois is a lawyer who practices almost exclusively in management-side workers’ compensation law and occupational health and safety. In her previous capacity as a Probation and Parole Officer, she acquired extensive experience in assessing and managing the risks associated with violence and harassment. Specifically, she has direct experience in working with psychotic, mentally ill, substance abusing and behaviour disordered offenders to achieve balancing public safety, enforcement, and non-violent crisis intervention, de-escalation and rehabilitation programs. Cézanne offers employers tremendous insight into working with Bill 168.

Source: Focus on Series

April 2013

April 28 – The National Day of Mourning

Held annually on April 28, was officially recognized by the federal government in 1991, eight years after the day of remembrance was launched by the Canadian Labour Congress. The Day of Mourning has since spread to about 80 countries around the world and has been adopted by the AFL-CIO and the International Confederation of Free Trade.

See our previous post – Closing the gap between denial and reality on April 28th

April 30 – May 1 – Partner’s in Prevention Health and Safety Conference – Toronto Ontario

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to get the very latest information and best practices in health and safety prevention from Health and Safety Ontario!

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November 2012

Cézanne Charlebois will be the moderator and guest speaker at an all-day seminar in London Ontario on Workplace Safety and Insurance Law.

October 2012

Cézanne Charlebois will be hosting a 4-hour workshop on Managing Complex WSIB Claims Health, Safety & Environment Conference and Trade Show (HSE Canada 2012) in Toronto.

March 2011

WSIB Workwell Audits have been determined for Ontario. Thousands of employers in Ontario have just received letters notifying them that they have been selected for a Workwell Audit. As you may know the Workwell Audit Program randomly selects employers throughout the province to help facilitate compliance with Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety laws. Additionally, employers with unfortunate accident records or high costs in WSIB may also be placed on the list. Depending on your rate group, even a single accident can put your company into one of these categories.

If you would like to be prepared for a Workwell Audit, to develop a solid Health and Safety Management System, or learn more about how to slash your WSIB costs, we can help. Other services offered include Bill 168 compliance, Due Diligence, or the Internal Responsibility System training. Contact Us Now.

February 2011

Coming Soon to Windsor, London and Toronto locations:

Reducing the Duration of Occupational Disabilities using the SPICE Model


  • Cézanne Charlebois, Lawyer (Management side WSIB and OHS law)
  • Dr. Ketan Patel, Physician
There are two critical factors which prolong the duration of many occupational disabilities. These are 1) a delay in obtaining medical assessments and treatment, and 2) the lack of modified duties available or an unwillingness to provide modified duties. Return to work after injury or illness is a behavior which is influenced by physical, psychological, and social factors. In utilizing elements of the S.P.I.C.E. model (Colledge et al, 2000) we will help participants to identify obstacles in the early and safe return to work process that may come from the medical professionals treating injured workers, employers and the injured workers themselves. All may unwittingly contribute to creating a ‘disability’ where none should exist.

We are currently developing a new model for the management of occupational disabilities that will assist both medical professionals and employers identify and overcome some of the medical and disability management systemic factors that contribute to prolonging or creating a disability of greater magnitude. In doing this, we will provide you with practical guidelines for fostering the partnerships needed to develop a readiness for active participation in recovery while maintaining productivity. SPICE is an acronym which stands for Simplicity, Proximity, Immediacy, Centrality and Expectancy.

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