Closing the Gap Between Denial and Reality on April 28

Closing the Gap Between Denial and Reality on April 28

Every year on April 28 employers and workers are asked to remember the workers who have lost their lives in the course of their employment. Many employers shudder at this conscious awakening of a nicely suppressed fear and many workers’ do exactly the same.

April 28th is about waking up that shudder and letting it out. It is truly an excellent opportunity to close that gap between denial and reality.

Employers and workers are often lulled into complacency by an “accident-free” history. The price for the wake-up call is very high.

Emotional connection to the impact of workplace injuries and lives lost is a powerful motivator to enhance safety and promote your IRS.

What can you do?

  1. Go to the excellent and informative CCOHS site and either download or request some copies of the poster (above).
  2. Ask your Joint Health and Safety Committee to select a few workers whose lives have been lost and ask them to do a brief presentation or find a moving video to present to the whole team on April 28th.
  3. If feasible, provide a brief period of time off to attend this presentation.
  4. Have them link this exercise to your overall health and safety goals.
  5. Employers can also encourage their JHSC and their team to participate in the Steps for Life – Walking for Victims of Workplace Tragedy on Sunday May 1, 2011 (in most communities).

Posted by Cézanne Charlebois